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3 Steine / 3 Stenar / 3 Stones

The ice ages came and went by, they brought some stones, left them at the shore and later on carried them away again. 
People came, used some of the stones to built their fisher houses and jetties.

The state of the place is just a snapshot. The installation 3 Stones adds an own intermediate state to this snapshot. 
Filigree sheaths of natural material mark the position of big mighty stones - it is up to the observer to decide whether these stones are from the past or the future.

The installation was produced in collaboration with the artist Ulrich Stolz and with the help of Gregor Bischoff. 
Size of the installation: 15x10x4m (LxBxH) 
Material: Branches of different kind, iron wire.

3 Steine / 3 Stenar / 3 Stones3 Steine / 3 Stenar / 3 Stones


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