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Amazingly Fantastical Idyll

In my grandparents' kitchen, a painting depicted a farm surrounded by green fields and hills. The sun shone on red houses and white laundry hung over the courtyard. During my trips around Åsunden, the painting returned to me. Perhaps it was the similarity of the dense green, or it was the feeling of the sun and the wind and the white laundry drying on the laundry line. The idyllic surroundings brought me back in time, to memories, postcards, movies and stories that at the same time were both familiar and strange.

The place left me feeling like something was obscured by the beaut in the surroundings. I am uncertain to weather the darkness that the idyllic landscape evoked depends on a mind colored by the difficulties of today, or whether it is a feeling of nostalgia? The white laundry that dries in the wind suddenly didn’t feel as clean. Perhaps the contrast between today's many horrors and the beautiful landscape brought the beautiful and the horrible closer to each other and made them meet.

If it were an experience of nostalgia, it raises the question of what darkness the idealized memories brings, as well as the consequences this brings to us for imagining a desirable future.

Amazingly Fantastical IdyllAmazingly Fantastical IdyllAmazingly Fantastical IdyllAmazingly Fantastical IdyllAmazingly Fantastical IdyllAmazingly Fantastical Idyll

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