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Branching Pattern of a River

With the land art installation BRANCHING PATTERN OF A RIVER I’d like to show the procedural landscape, emphasizing the dynamic processes of the landscape opposite of viewing it as a static and unchanging object. The landscape is continuously reshaped and there are traces, like echoes, in the landscape, clues to this constant process of change.

  I’m intrested in viewing the landscape from different perspectives, specially from the air. It gives a whole different image compared to seen from ground lever.

  When I explored my site from above in a small airplane, I could easily see the branching pattern of the river Viskan as it flows out into the Kattegatt sea. Close to the outflow into the sea, I noticed an earlier river branch that dried out long time ago. From above, it is easy to follow the trace of it as a darker green wetland path through the landscape.

  I intended to show this branching pattern in my art piece. The present as well as the one that once was there, but now is just an echo, transformed into a new biotope. Therefor I gave it a different, darker color. The installation is placed on a part of land where the now dried out river branch used to run.

  The sculpture (as well as the river outflow into the sea) can also be seen as a kind of compass, a landmark, maybe for migrating birds and other travellers…


  The sculpture is made of a huge tree branch, two different colors of cotton cloth, wooden material for the stand and cuttings of willow to cover the stand and to give it an impression of floating.

Branching Pattern of a RiverBranching Pattern of a RiverBranching Pattern of a River


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