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Cold-rolled steel sheet exposing 4 Hz – 100 Hz

Sites and landscapes are constantly remodeled by the force of nature and man. Skälderviken or Engelholm Harbour as it was once called, was from the beginning characterized by the labour and the activity of the harbour. The Industrial Revolution was around the corner and it is in it´s wake that today´s history about Skälderviken is told. Before the appearance of the harbour, the site was anonymous and unidentified.

Shortly after the inauguration of the harbour the areas suitability for summer recreation was discovered and relatively fast the railroad was built along the coast, between the beach houses and the beach. Yet today the railroad runs between the buildings and the shoreline and is reminiscent of the interdependence that nature and infrastructure are directed to. The coexistence constitutes both a visual and a sonic breaking point.

The shift between two perspectives; landscape as scenery/landscape as function, is the starting point for the site-specific object/audio work, Cold-rolled steel sheet exposing 4 Hz-100 Hz. The work is shown in the context of the sound of the passing trains, but the module that has been installed on the wall of the pedestrian underpass under the train tracks, also refers to the labour that once defined the site. Through vibrations that are generated from low-frequence audio the steel sheet works as a speaker diaphragm. 

The sound is activated daily between noon and 6pm.

Cold-rolled steel sheet exposing 4 Hz – 100 HzCold-rolled steel sheet exposing 4 Hz – 100 HzCold-rolled steel sheet exposing 4 Hz – 100 HzCold-rolled steel sheet exposing 4 Hz – 100 Hz

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