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On the ground is a shadow of a tree sculpted in clay and soil. In the clay and the earth there are partly pre-cultivated marigolds plants and marigolds seeds. At the center of the sculpture is a recreated shadow of a photograph from 1933. The idea is to tell a story of layers of time. Tranemo is a society that through history has change its relation to time. From that time was megeurd and used through changes in nature. A society where what to do in a day is determined by weather and the changes in seasons. The next step was to get lokel-time which comes from a need to know when you can gather at a certain time, for example, to go to church. From the ned to know time by seasons to the ned to know time by the hour. A time that relates to the sun's movement in the sky in relation to a shadow. After industrialization came the possibility to move faster through the landscape. Different places are linked more closely with the railroad. A central time for major areas was needed to make a timetable. All those relationships to time are in the artwork. The sculptured shadow will form the shadow of the tree from 3:00 pm at the days of the beginning of summer. A registration of a freezes moment. At the beginning of summer, the shadow and sculpture will match each other, in the end of the summer a skew will appear between sculpture and shadow. A skew that shows how we moved a little. The flowers will grow through the clay during the summer. The flowers are in different stages of the flowers life cycle, from seeds to bloom that form new seeds. The marigolds are use in flower clocks to measure time. According to Linnaeus flower clock - Horologium Florae, the marigolds flower close up at 3:00 pm. One possible scenario fore the sculpture is that at the end of the summer flowers illuminate the shadow image every time they opens. The clay and the soil will change during the summer, with the time and weather changes. The sculpture will be shaped by weather and wind. There is an endless scale of possibilities how the sculpture will be shaped in the end of the summer. A wide spectrum of possible scenarios fore the artwork, from that the flowers splitting up the entire sculpture and illuminate the shadow with its flowers or that the clay and the soil drying out the seeds and the plants, then the marigolds are just below the surface as an opportunity.

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