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Imagine a future

The future of this harbour is that it in some years it will not exist. This part of Varberg will undergo a complete change. The railway will be moved into a tunnel under the city. New housing will be built in this place. The city is the third most growing city in Sweden. The working harbour will be moved north and the gentrification process will start exactly here.
In the perspective of antropocen, the geological period we are in now, when people have changed the earth and the atmosphere in a non-reversible way, this piece of landscape has a more scaring future. When the sea level raises this city risks to be flooded because it’s low placement in the landscape.
For some people, the future is more unsecure than others. The refugee children that have come to Sweden, and Varberg, the last years, risk to be expelled from Sweden. The risk rises because they turn 18 in the long waiting time for their decision from the Authority of Migration.
For my personal life the notion of future is again important. For the first time after a four year long depression, there seems to be a future.

Imagine a future


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