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Shilpa Joglekar

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Insight-X Sites Kattegatteleden Sweden 2017. Since time immemorial humans have created boundaries. Rivers, seas become common boundaries between nations, states, and smaller political units. Political boundaries, dividing lines between countries, states, provinces, and cities created by people only separate people. These boundaries keep changing over time through wars, treaties, and trade. Boundaries and borders bring to my mind lines of control armies on both sides,changing of guards…Coming to Kullagunarstorp on my chosen site the land on the other side of the small passage of sea in sight was Denmark. It gave me an insight to observe how two borders of two countires are just divided by a fragment of the sea that brings people of both the lands across. For X Sites Kattegatteleden Project, I have made a work with a Yin Yang shape, metaphorically showing the two countries on two sides of the passage of sea. The path created in the middle is to invite the viewers to walk through the installation. Shilpa Joglekar



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