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Simon Gran-Danielsson

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Källan / The Source

The work Källan consists of an old beer cooler that I found standing outside a burned out dance hall in Halmstad. I moved it to the meadowsweets field next to the prästens hälsokälla. In my artistic practice, I’m interested in the identity of a site, how do I read and understand the place? In this work, it becomes a way of understanding the place through changing the location of the beer cooler. The meadowsweet own character is enhanced by the location of the fridge. It’s a damp and shady place, among the flowers I found old barbed wire, trash and old building materials. It has the same character as the area around the dance hall, where someone has just left an old beer cooler. Now I have left it outdoors again but hoping that my intervention creates an ability to see it in a new way, that we will read the Prästens hälsokälla in a new way.

Källan / The SourceKällan / The SourceKällan / The SourceKällan / The Source

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