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Sign of the time

People all over the globe leave traces on the earth. In this area of Bastad there are still so many gravehills of the bronze age and rockcarvings that may be even older. They tell about the history and spirit of this place. According to the rock drawings the sun was worshipped. It was depicted as the so called Sun Cross.

Every era brings forth a different relationship to the land. The landscape is changed nowadays in a functional way, it can be a nature reserve or used for (industrial) farming or tourism. In many places pipelines criss cross countries to supply fuel for our energy needs. I used the graphic quality of these pipelines, popping in and out of the ground, to depict ways of human traces in the landscape. Seen from the center of the otherwise randomly installed pipes the prehistoric sign of the Sun Cross appears, as a reminder of a different view on the earth that we inhabit.

The hay was provided by local farmer Peter Andersson, who also kindly offered a piece of his land to realize this land art piece

Sign of the timeSign of the timeSign of the timeSign of the timeSign of the timeSign of the time


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