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Kerstin Dahl- Norén

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My site is ”Sjöträdgården” in the central part of Ulricehamn with the lake on one side and a big road on the other. Its a huge lawn with a small fruitgarden in the middle . There are trees, berrybushes and herbs. The lawn is surrounded by old willowtrees that is cut regularly. It’s a popular spot among visitors and people living next door.
My starting point was to connect both to the history and the present in my work.
From the end of the 19 th until the end of the 20 th century Ulricehamn had a very popular Spahotel. Historically my spot was outside the city with a tannery next to the lake. Willow was often used in this business and also to stabilise the shoreline.
My first idea was to make a work with the willowcuts, but I also found big beautiful stoneblocks from the railway yard stored next to the garden. I decided to put focus on the garden and a circular theme and to combine it all together in one spot. To make a new Spahotel, for the smallest, creatures in the garden, the pollinators. To honour the most important ones for our future survival, the wild bees and the bumblebees.
In the center is a hotel for the insects built from recycled material. The hotel is protected by a dome of willow. Next to the dome are flowering plants and herbs to attract the bees. Around the dome seven big stoneblocks are placed where I made drawings with chisel and hammer to get small pools of water for the bumblebees. The drawings also connect to the circular theme.
My intention is that the heavy stones will emphasise the subject and give dignity to the place and hopefully rise the awareness of simple ways to help the future environment.



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