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My first impulse was to conquer the hill. To stage an echo how this area had been the subject to waves of invading and defending armies throughout history. The small hill in the field invited to a climb- a vantage point in the landscape, a space of place to take in the view. I documented my first meeting with this site in a video called “Attempt at taking the hill” and left six flags swaying in the wind.
The wind built up and tore the hill clean of my flags. When I came back a few weeks later there was no evidence of my action left save for a hole in the ground at the top of the hill. It was as if nothing had happened here. I installed a camera to monitor the apparent uneventfulness of the hill. The objective is to create a record of gradual shifts of light and atmosphere and make a view of the landscape that stands in stark contrast to the fleeting glimpse and the quick snapshot. I am taking a long hard look at a hill in a field.
Technical info: A large format pinhole camera is placed at the edge of a field on a surveyor´s tripod. The camera is pointed at a small hill in the middle of the field. The camera will register shifts of light and compound movements made by wind and occasional bikers, pedestrians and birds that come into the line of sight. A single image with an exposure time of 64 days will be the end result of the installation.



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