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Jette Mellgren

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My location is situated in a small forest, which is placed next to the old Galgebacken in the outskirts of Svenljunga.

My work can be experienced from the bicycle path Sjuhäradsrundan, which passes right by.

The set off for my work is the history which connects to this area.

Facts tells us that here the Galgebacken was in use during the Middleage and untill the last hanging in Sweden took place in the begining of the 19th Century. At that time we executed people, who forsook himself against the law, because we at that time thought this punishment served as a warning for others and helped us to protect and develop society. Today we are leaving distance to the death penalty as we believe in other ways to control and educate people in the Western world.

But are these spirits from history still are among us? In our eager to develop and to protect our own society we might hurt some vulnerable people in a way we do not tend to.

I have made an interpretation af the Galgebacken looking at other Swedish gallows, built up in a triangel. The installation consists of three hovering ghost-like pillars. Built up in an open construction - by sticks of hazel, willow and poplar - painted in white - and tied together with metal strips.

SPIRITS is presented in a open light structure contrasting the solid surrounding trees just like the white color stands out from the green nature.

The position of the SPIRITS plays dynamically with the depth and the hight in the forest.


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