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Theo likes Carl, 2017

Theo likes Carl, 2017

The Recultivation of the Sanatorium New Luntertun for Art Concret, based on the embodied memory of linear acting in landscape by Carl von LInné, 1739

Joachim Jacob (Germany) and Viktor Erik Jensen(Sweden)

The artificial landscape of Kronoskogen is structured by 8 remaining dykes from the 18th c. They were erected (height 1,5 - 3 m) against the flying sand from the beach, which attacted the marshland and the city of Ängelholm.

When first entering Kronoskogen, I immediately had the idea of a sort of settlement for abstract spatial objects. To find out, if this concept might work, I tested it in a modell, scaled 1 = 100.
Therefore, the complicated subtitle refers to the term Art concret(1930) by Theo van Doesburg, who described artworks, which are just developed as abstract objects without any meaning, than their construction itself of lines, areas, volumens and colours.
The other link is the founder of the biological systematic, Carl von Linné, who was also introduced into the solving the problem of the flying sand in the 18th. c.

2 works were done: the visually rejunction of the dyke spaces at the crossing with Blocklinjen and a cylindric structure on a little sandy hill.

Thanks to Viktor for all!

Theo likes Carl, 2017Theo likes Carl, 2017Theo likes Carl, 2017Theo likes Carl, 2017Theo likes Carl, 2017Theo likes Carl, 2017Theo likes Carl, 2017Theo likes Carl, 2017


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