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Anna + Mikael Rofka

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Our work consists of three tetrahedron-shaped “masts” arranged in a triangle of approx. 25 m edge length. Between these masts are ropes stretched, on which are hanging driftwood and branches. The “masts” are surrounded by gauze and wrapped in the middle part with a band. The wind causes these bands to vibrate so that they produce a sound spectrum. Likewise, the woods which are brought into motion by the wind can hit together or played musically by visitors like a xylophone.
The wood is partly stained white: above all the wood in the center. The light, the reflections, and the generated noises are directly related to the environment. Visitors can enter the installation like an experience space. We do not work with symbols. Nevertheless the   triangles can be read symbolically (as alchemical sign for fire). We developed this idea in the working process. In principle, however, the work is to be understood in an open process.



konstnärscentrum väst, erik dahlbergsgatan 6, 411 26 göteborg, +46 (0)31-711 54 47