för medlemmar


In the middle of the greenery, along the road with old leafy trees that leads towards the meadow and the lake: the outlines of a house in clear black lines, like a three-dimensional sketch, with a bed inside.

The bed in the room has been split in two, as has the room / house, one became two completely symmetrical parts, a road opens in the middle, the weed folds away and invites the visitor to go through. Landscape and sculpture become one.
The width of the road formed by the shared bed and room is 75cm, the most common width in a bedroom doorway. The distance between the walls and the bed is also 75cm.

The house looks like a regular Swedish cottage, but the symmetrical windows and the format makes you think of the far east.
The number 75 has a secret feature, every fourth time you multiply it will find its way back to itself at the end. Like finding yourself after a trip. See below:
75x1 =75,  75×5=375,75×9=675,75×13=975,75×17=1275,75×21=1575,75×25=1875,75×29=2175,75×33=2475,75×37=2775 osv.



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